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Welcome to Annika Westgeest Photography. I am so glad you made it to my site!


I discovered my passion for photography in 2015 whilst looking for a new direction in my working career. I had been working for several years in HR, but realized I needed to re-discover my creative side.


Having taken several photography courses at the Fotovakschool and Fotoacademie (in the Netherlands), as well as nature photography workshops, I have had the time to develop as a photographer and discover what is really important to me. In my photo’s I want to share the world’s natural beauty and also promote how special it is. I specialize in macro photography, landscape photography, garden and castle shoots, travel photography and fine art. My style of work is cheerful, vivid in colour and radiates a sense of tranquility.


I have an adventurous spirit and a love for travel, which is a result of immigrating several times throughout my life. I was born in the Netherlands, moved to Canada at a young age, followed by moving to England after attending University and finally re-locating back to my home country of the Netherlands in my late twenties.


I am located in Almere Buiten, just around the corner from the renowned and beautiful national park Oostvaardersplassen. A wonderful park which never ceases to inspire me.

If you would like to work with me, please feel free to contact me via the contact page. I am always willing to travel to destinations abroad as well as within the Netherlands. If you are interested in prints of my work, please feel free to contact me directly or check out my available prints via Werk aan de Muur:



First place - category Insects - Stichting Vogel - en Natuurwacht Flevoland (2019)


 "Beauty is in the eye of the photographer"

© Copyright Annika Westgeest Photography
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